This instructional DVD/VHS tape reviews everything you ever wanted to know about vasectomy. If you have an access code, click here to view it now. Although it doesn't include information on the No-Needle method for anesthesia, everything else is current. It reviews risks, benefits, and possible complications. It explains the procedure technique but does not actually show a patient having a vasectomy. Preparing for the no-needle, no-scalpel, no-suture vasectomy is reviewed in detail. Follow up care and activity level is also discussed. Long term consequences are virtually non-existent but these too are commented on since many people have "heard stories".

Many couples have a difficult time deciding on whether their choice should be a vasectomy or a tubal ligation. This DVD will help make that choice. Although an equal number of vas's and tubals are done each year in the United States, no one has ever died from a vasectomy while about 15 women a year die from the female sterilization surgeries. Only one in 1200 vas's fail, whereas 1 in 200 tubals do. There is no easy way to determine if the tubal fails but if a man just brings in sample ejaculates, it can be confirmed that the vasectomy was successful. Considering too that the vas fees are only 20% of those for tubal ligation and that the vasectomy is an office procedure, the best choice seems clear. All of this is discussed on the tape.

Patients will see this DVD/ tape as a part of the counseling visit. They can request that the tape/DVD be sent to them earlier so that it can be viewed in the privacy of the home. This may help make the decision on whether vasectomy is the right choice and save an office visit.

For physicians, this tape is comprehensive and documents the counseling visit. You can order it by emailing or going directly to the web site where it can be purchased ( . You do not need to be a physician to purchase the tape.